Adam Forrest


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The long-lasting interest of withdrawing from the bank of mum and dad.


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What It's Like to Lecture at University While You're in Your Twenties

"You think the students will relate to you quite easily, but actually, it only takes one attempt to make a pop culture reference to realise there's no point in trying to be cool."


Explained: All Those Evil-Sounding Tory Policies and How They'll Affect You

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Why Do We Assume Paedophiles Look a Certain Way?

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This Facebook Page Exposes People Who Pretend to Serve in the British Army

The "Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ" tracks down charlatans who claim to have done heroic stuff in the name of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, then names and shames them on the internet.


Inside the Jehovah's Witnesses' British Headquarters

I learned why the Apocalypse isn't all that bad (as long as you devote your life to spreading the word of Jehovah).


An Interview with France's Longest-Serving Private Detective

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A Former MEK Member Speaks About the 'Cult' of Extremism

Masoud Banisadr was a PR for the Iranian terrorist group, before settling in the UK in 1996.