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The Arguments For and Against Alcohol Warning Labels

A new survey worked out which kind of warnings we respond best to, depending on our age.


Facebook Is Deleting Valuable Drug Harm Reduction Groups

Sesh Safety – a group offering real-time advice to drug users – was permanently deleted recently, which is bad news for everyone.


Cannabis Withdrawal Is No Joke

If you're using weed for medicinal reasons, it can wreak havoc on your mental or physical health.


Watch 'High Society: Ecstasy', the First Episode of Our New Series About Drugs in the UK

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Is a 'Death Dealer' Intentionally Murdering British Cocaine Tourists in Amsterdam?

Three Brits have died in the past couple of months after snorting white heroin that they believed to be cocaine. Is this the fault of an inexperienced, idiotic dealer, or someone deliberately doling out death?