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Human-Caused Wildfires Caused the Sky to Change Colour in Indonesia

It's the nation's worst fire season since 2015.


We Measured Air Pollution in Some of London's Richest and Poorest Boroughs

Do the capital's wealthier residents have less to worry about when it comes to the air they're breathing in?


If You Jog in a City, Here's Why It's Vital to Choose the Right Route

Pollution isn't quite so bad that it completely cancels the benefits of a run, but you're not helping yourself by jogging on a main road.


A One-Weekend Exhibit Clears Up London’s Pollution Problem with Art

The impact of air pollution in London makes for an interactive, educational experience at Somerset House.


Don’t Breathe, Even Air Is Killing Us Now

More than 16,000 Brits are dying each year from cancer and strokes caused by air pollution, health bosses warn.


A Rorschach-Worthy Fashion Line Wants to Protect You From Air Pollution

Designer Nikolas Bentel designed a reactive line of clothing that changes colors in the presence of toxic pollutants.


A Greenpeace Activist Explains Why They've Put Gas Masks on Famous London Monuments

Recipients included Nelson, Boadicea, Oliver Cromwell and Winston Churchill.


A Canadian Company Is Making Bank Selling Bottled Air to China

Vitality Air says there's been an uptick in demand for canned Canadian Rocky Mountain air among customers in smog-choked China.


See China's Air Pollution as Robotic Origami

Artist Jiayu Liu's latest installation turns complicated data into mesmerizing movement and light.


London, This Is What's Actually in Your 'Deadly' Air

A report last week revealed that over 1,300 people have already died prematurely this year alone because of air pollution in London. Here's exactly what it is that's causing those deaths.