10 Questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Flight Attendant

Our sky mole reveals everything from how to join the mile-high club and score seat upgrades to what drinks you absolutely must avoid.
Justin Caffier
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One Passenger Is Dead After an Engine Exploded on a US Flight

This is the first death on a US airline in more than nine years.
Mack Lamoureux
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A Puppy Died Mid-Flight After United Crammed It into an Overhead Bin

"They INSISTED that the puppy be locked up for three hours without any kind of airflow."
Drew Schwartz

These God-Awful Travel Stories Will Make You Cancel Your Next Vacation

Waking up in the wrong city, pissed-on luggage, kidnapping. Sometimes getting there isn't worth it.
Caroline Thompson
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Teens Hacked An Indonesian Travel Site And Stole Over $300,000 So They Could Buy A Ducati

The heist was led by a self-taught high school dropout and a small team of teenagers and video game fanatics.
Renaldo Gabriel
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Electronics Devices Banned On UK Flights from Muslim-Majority Countries

No laptops will be allowed, along with any phones, tablets and DVD players over a certain size.
VICE Staff

Your Full Attention for the Demonstration: Inside the British Airways Strike

Many cabin crew are in debt and forced to work second jobs.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan
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A College Student Got Kicked Off His Flight for Talking About Chicken in Arabic

Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was raving in Arabic about an awesome dinner he'd had, so some passenger reported him for making "threatening comments."
Helen Donahue
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A Sikh Woman Says She Had to Show an Airline Employee Her Breast Pump to Prove She Wasn't a Terrorist

Valarie Kaur wrote on Facebook that a fellow passenger became angry and suspicious after she removed the carry-on tag from her bag.
Brian McManus

Turns Out You Can Get Kicked off a Plane for Wearing a Shirt with the Word 'Fuck' on It

Airlines' policies toward the clothes of passengers have triggered some much-needed civil rights debates, and also some debates that were stupid.
Mike Pearl

A New App Will Help Flight Attendants Report Human Trafficking

The app allows airline workers to upload video footage of suspected trafficking cases and gives the humanitarian group Airline Ambassadors a way to count the number of tips reported to the DHS.
Mary Emily O'Hara

Here's What Happens to the Luggage You Lose at the Airport

If your bag goes missing while you're travelling, it will probably get returned to you within a few weeks– or it may wind up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama.
Arielle Pardes