I Spoke to Akon About His New Cryptocurrency, Akoin

The musician hopes to establish a city in Senegal that would run entirely on Akoin.
Justin Caffier
Internet Exploring

Drake Mysteriously Showed Up in a New York City Parks Powerpoint

Akon, too, for some reason.
Phil Witmer
A Year of Lil Wayne

Remember Lil Wayne's Song with Wyclef Jean and Akon?

It stands as one of Wayne’s most structurally interesting verses, weirdly enough.
Kyle Kramer
A Year of Lil Wayne

Bet You Didn’t Know Cam’ron Introduced Lil Wayne to Young Jeezy

Believe it or not, there's more to the pairing than "Suck It or Not."
Kyle Kramer
A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: Akon Doesn't Get Enough Credit, and This Song with Wayne and Jeezy Proves It

This is a story about Weezy, Jeezy, Akon, and one enormous yacht
Kyle Kramer
A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: Today We Celebrate Snoop Dogg

Obviously, our national hero Snoop and Wayne are on a David Banner song together.
Kyle Kramer
A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: DJ Khaled's "We Takin' Over" Is Lil Wayne's Best Feature

It's DJ Khaled's favourite, too.
Kyle Kramer

Young Greatness Survived Hurricane Katrina, Prison, and Loss to Get to "Moolah"

After more than a decade of ups and downs, the New Orleans rapper has scored a legitimate hit with his song "Moolah."
Kyle Kramer
Internet Exploring

Akon Talks About That Time He Passed on Signing Drake

Imagining an alternate universe where Drake is on Konvict Muzik with Lady Gaga and T Pain.
Slava Pastuk
2005 week

Lights Will Guide Us Home: A Tribute to the Gloriously Corny Songs of 2005

From The Fray to John Mayer to James Blunt to Coldplay, these were the songs that rocked you to tears.
VICE Staff
First Dates

A First Date with Colleen Green Where We Mostly Just Talked About Anxiety and Akon

In the spirit of Lily Allen joining Tinder to find friends on tour, maybe the date format could help me meet new people to talk to about questionable pop music and everyone having babies.
Emma Garland
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This is What Happened When Akon Headlined the Peace One Day Concert in the Congo

Sound like an incongruous scene? Well now imagine Akon performing in a big plastic ball.