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The Hangover News

Over the long weekend the Met shot a man in north London, George Osborne called Jeremy Corbyn a "threat" to national security and three journalists were sentenced to jail in Egypt.


We Talked to Canadian Journalist Mohamed Fahmy’s Lawyer About His Lawsuit Against Al Jazeera

Fahmy is still facing a trial in Egypt but is preparing a civil lawsuit against his former employer.


The Hangover News

This weekend, a man was jailed for getting all kinds of fucked up, borrowing his friend's special constable uniform and going "on patrol" around County Durham.


The Canadian Government Won't Help Journalist Mohamed Fahmy Get Out of Egyptian Jail

A Canadian journalist imprisoned in Egypt has called out the Canadian Prime Minister after a visit by Foreign Minister John Baird failed to end his more than year-long nightmare.


Egypt Sentenced Three Journalists to Jail for Doing Their Job

After a farcical court case, where videos of sheep were used as evidence of a terrorist plot.


Why Are Journalists Being Imprisoned in Egypt?

The interim government are doing all they can to silence their critics.


An Al Jazeera Reporter in Little Havana

Mohammed Al-Alami tries to do a story on Cuban Americans.