Alex Ferguson


What Was in Fergie's Box? This Weekend in the Premier League

At Old Trafford this weekend, there was a moment which revived the good times of Wenger, Fergie and the Premier League’s golden era. Then Jose Mourinho butted in and ruined it.


How David Beckham Became Football’s First Truly Global Brand

Though many players of the nineties and noughties were at least as iconic as Beckham, and several more talented, ‘Golden Balls’ broke the corporate mould like no other. Here’s how he ceased to be a footballer and became a brand instead.


Le Cult: Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona was the Premier League's first genuine superstar, a man who helped to build Alex Ferguson's Manchester United empire. Few had the ability to match King Eric on the pitch; fewer still possess the courage to walk away as he did.


The Cult: Wayne Rooney

This week's inductee to The Cult is a footballer who, in years to come, will be remembered as one of the most gifted players England has ever produced. That said, he does look a bit shit some times.


The Cult: Ruud van Nistelrooy

While he was one of the most prolific strikers of his era, it’s telling that Van Nistelrooy is better remembered for his controversies than his goals. He was a brilliant and mercurial figure, and so we induct him into The Cult.


Clough, Shankly, Busby, Ferguson: The Golden Age of the Socialist Manager

There was a time, before the modern Premier League era, where some of the most iconic managers in English football were heavily invested in left-wing politics. That said, not all of them lived up to their own ideals.


Bonfire of The Vanities: Manchester United's 1994 Humbling at The Hands of Barcelona

In November 1994, Manchester United were thumped 4-0 by a team that I had neither heard of nor seen play. Their name was FC Barcelona, and they were truly magnificent.


Remembering Roy Keane's Finest Hour for Manchester United

In the 1998-99 Champions League semi-final, Manchester United skipper and defensive midfielder Roy Keane inspired his team to a historic second-leg comeback win against Juventus. He did it by being everywhere.


Throwback Thursday: Alex Ferguson Arrives at Manchester United

With 13 league titles Alex Ferguson is statistically the greatest manager in the history of English football. His Manchester United reign began 29 years ago this week.


Manchester United and Me: Living in the Shadow of a Fallen Giant

Manchester United's Fergie-era success did strange things to opposition fans, contorting otherwise rational minds into wastelands of jealousy and loathing.


Do British Managers Have a Future in the Premier League?

In the age of the continental super-coach, is it time for British bosses to adapt to a new world?


Throwback Thursday: United's European Nightmare

20 years ago, Manchester United crashed out of the UEFA Cup to the little-known Russian side Rotor Volgograd.