Alex Horne


Exclusive: See Shocking Footage of British Police Officers Attacking Peaceful Protesters

Protesters found not guilty of ABH and public disorder after CCTV footage emerges of police officers punching, kneeing and choking them.


An Interview with Jonathan Ames, Writer of 'Bored to Death' and Your New Favourite Author

Jonathan's book Wake Up, Sir! is finally being released in the UK.


We Got Some of Our Ex-Boyfriends and Girlfriends to Review Us as Lovers

"I think, deep down, you're a good person – whatever that means. But you are also careless and exhausting and a bit unstable."


I Tried to Illegally Buy a Chimpanzee Online

A recent report suggested there were 33,000 protected animals – or animal bits – for sale on the internet, so I tried to get my hands on one.


Is the Health Goth Movement Selling Out to the Mainstream?

We spoke to the guys behind the HG Facebook page to find out.


No, George Osborne, Wembley Shouldn't Be Home to an NFL Team

It won't provide a "huge boost to London", it'll just mean more shitty beer adverts.


What's Making French Teens Riot During Screenings of 'Annabelle'?

I went to see the new horror movie in London to work out the answer.


David Cronenberg Should Really Stick to Making Films

I love every single bit of the director's work, except for his new novel Consumed, which is terrible.


Why Is Banksy the Only Person Allowed to Vandalise Britain's Walls?

I talked to the police, a local council and some graffiti writers in a bid to find out.


Post-Industrial Britain Is Still Finding Its New Identity

I spoke to Duane Hopkins about his upcoming film Bypass, which deals with that very issue.


'The Love School' Taught Me That Money Is at the Root of Every Happy Relationship

And, according to the speakers, that I should give money to their weird church.


Could This New Drug Help to Alleviate Your Depression?

The creators reckon they've made a substance that can get your impaired memory back to normal.