Alex James

Festivals 2017

I Tried to Land Myself a Job at Tory Glastonbury

Dressed like a stock image for ‘corporate enterprise man’, I went to The Big Feastival on Alex James' cheese farm to see if it was possible to trick my way into the middle class.
Oobah Butler
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Video of Alex James Eating Churros Suggests He's a Tory Now

Come on mate, you've been dancing around the subject for years.
Lauren O'Neill
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Drummer Dave Rowntree Rates Blur’s Discography

Almost 30 years since their inception and Blur are still one of Britain's best bands. Don't argue with us on this one. Thanks.
Kim Taylor Bennett
the worst things of all time

Watching Alex James and Jamie Oliver Drop "Wonderwall" at an Oxfordshire Food Festival is Strangely Addictive

Is this pukka?
Ryan Bassil

Twenty Years on and "Girls and Boys" is the Smartest Move Blur Ever Made

It was twenty years ago today that Damon Albarn taught the world that all you really needed to create a social spectrum-spanning anthem of the people was “girls”, “boys” and “love”.
Never Meet Your Heroes

Mark E Smith Bit Down on my Throat Like a Rottweiler on a New-Born

In a new feature, we ask some of our favourite music journalists to cast their lager-braised minds back to the times they met their musical idols.
Mark Beaumont

We Made the Britpop Drink So Alex James Will Never Release It

We also made a bunch of other drinks, like cloud-rap sizzurp, psytrance psundae and some grunge.
Ryan Bassil
Milf Teeth

We're All Just Desperate to Be Mad

Charlize Theron didn't want any guns in her life – so she married a man with 65 of them.
Sophie Heawood