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If There Was a Mercury Prize for Video Games, It Would Probably Look Like This

Twelve brilliant British-made games from the past year and a bit, arranged into a pretend prize shortlist, exclusively because it's something to do.
Mike Diver
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The Horror and Violence of ‘Alien: Isolation’, One Year On

It pushes you to think about physical actions – and by extension violent ones – in a way you probably never have in a video game before.
Ed Smith
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In Praise of Video Gaming’s Purest Stealth

1998's Thief and Metal Gear Solid nailed the stealth genre, but since then games have rarely captured the same compelling tension.
Nick Hagan
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The 'Netflix for Video Games' Is Coming Soon

From Life is Strange to Game of Thrones and Resident Evil, episodic gaming is a growing trend that's only getting bigger.
Ewen Hosie
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‘Alien 5’ Has Problems, and Those Problems Are Video Games

There's a new Alien movie coming, which should be cause for celebration – if only Colonial Marines had never been made.
Mike Diver
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Is Virtual Reality Really the Future of Video Games?

The world wasn't ready for VR in the 1990s – but is today's market likely to be more accepting of household headsets?
Andy Kelly
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Games That Scare the Shit Out of You Are Having a Renaissance

And much of it is thanks to Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 4.
Steve Haske
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These Are the Video Games You Should Buy If You Have Any Self Respect

A round-up of the games VICE's video games writers have enjoyed most over the past few months.
VICE Staff
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The Dos and Don’ts of Making a Horror Video Game

I talked to the creator of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the new SOMA about how to make gamers piss their pants.
Matt Porter
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Hey Video Game Developers, We're Not Idiots

We're capable of reading visual clues; you don't need to spell everything out to us.
Cara Ellison