New music

"thank u, next" Is a Much-Needed Love Letter to Choosing to Be Alone

Ariana Grande's candid, personal new track feels like a sincere appreciation of the value of being single.
Lauren O'Neill
Obsessive Tendencies

The New Porches Album Feels Exactly Like Staying In, Alone

Having a comfortable relationship with yourself is hard as hell, and on 'The House', Aaron Maine tries to make sense of it.
Daisy Jones
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Jessie Ware's "Alone" Video is Understated and Nicely Furnished

It's the third single from 'Glasshouse,' coming October 20.
Lauren O'Neill

What It’s Like to Eat a Three-Course Valentine’s Day Meal Alone

It is 12 noon on a grey Tuesday in the middle of February as I sit here, in a red nylon frock, preparing to eat a three-course Valentine’s Day meal alone. Entirely alone.
Nell Frizzell

Michael Lies to His Mom in This Week's Comic from Stephen Maurice Graham

He says he's going to the movies, but really he's alone, in his bed, with a new book...
Stephen Graham
Leslie's Diary Comics

Leslie Ponders the Joy of Walking in Today's Comic from Leslie Stein

"By walking you escape the very idea of identity, the temptation to be someone..."
Leslie Stein
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This British Explorer Is Hiking 1,100 Miles Across Antarctica, Alone

A 55-year-old former British Army Officer has set off on a 75-day trek throughout Antartica – and he's doing it without any assistance.
Michael Cuby

The Artist Parties Hard in This Week's Comic from Anna Haifisch

There's nothing worse than waking up alone – except waking up alone with a hangover and 2 percent cell phone battery.
Anna Haifisch

What's It Like to Make Music in Complete Isolation, in a Cabin in the Woods?

We spoke to Michael Franzino about making an album in a place where the only other noise is a wild bear eating your trash at 4am.
Emma Garland

A Straight Girl's Guide to Being Single and Happy

Being a single, straight female isn't all about wiping away gin tears and screaming into the darkness.
Lucy Hancock

The Terrors in LA's 'Existential Haunted House' Are Inside Your Own Head

Because reminders of your mortality are spooktacular!
Justin Caffier

Reviewed: The Worst Music Video Ever Starring the World's Biggest Dickhead

Falling In Reverse make the past seem like a golden age for awful.
Robert Foster