American dream


James Murphy Knows He's Not Getting Any Younger

The LCD Soundsystem frontman talks fatherhood, brawls and his obsession with British music.


Go On, Download New LCD Soundsystem Song "pulse (v. 1)" for Free

The 13-minute track won't be on the band's new album 'American Dream,' so consider it extra-special.


Listen to LCD Soundsystem’s New Song, “tonite”

It sounds more like "Losing My Edge" than "All My Friends."


LCD Soundsystem Were Irresistible on SNL Last Night

"Call The Police" and "American Dream" were histrionic, absurd, and ecstatic. Just as they should be.


LCD Soundsystem Finally Return With "Call The Police" and "American Dream"

The lengthy, synthy tracks come off as updates for the faithful.


Photos of the Depressing Casinos of Atlantic City

German photographer Ricarda Messner spent 24 hours in New Jersey's Atlantic City capturing the slot machines, lights, and Donald Trump's gaudy Taj Mahal.


Golden Boy's Giant: Can 7-foot Chinese Boxer Taishan Dong Make it in America?

Taishan Dong has journeyed from rural China to the precipice of boxing stardom in Los Angeles.


Exclusive: Michael Moore Talks Invasion, Revolution and Why His Latest Film Is His Happiest

In his first interview about the film, the documentarian explains how his movie 'Where to Invade Next' is actually a comedy.


Rocky Balboa, America's Favorite Myth of Manhood

Why do we love watching Rocky on the Fourth of July?


'Five Easy Pieces' Taught Me That Misanthropy Was Pretty Hopeless

Jack Nicholson's performance as Bobby Dupea makes for a convincingly churlish arsehole, and one I could recognise myself in.


The Mob Delusion: A Life According to 'Goodfellas'

I spent my high school years working at an Italian market that I thought was something out of Goodfellas. And then I realised the mob life was never really for me.


Who Stole the Four-Hour Workday?

A shorter workday could solve a lot of our problems.