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A Guide for Who to Root for in This Weekend's Super Bowl

Between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, a lot of NFL fans have a real tough decision to make with Super Bowl LII.
Dave Lozo
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Remembering the Mutant League Games and Their Bizarro Sports Sim Brethren

Because while the Madden and NHL games are great and everything, you can't pile onto and kill a referee in them.
Oliver Lee Bateman
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Is the ‘Madden Curse’ the Real Deal, Or Just Amazing Bad Luck?

We spoke to NFL analyst Michael Carlson about the risks players take by appearing on the game's artwork.
Sean Cleaver
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‘Madden’ Is the Game That Introduced Me to My New Favourite Sport

American football makes next to no bloody sense to beginners, but the video games it inspires help to cut through the language barrier.
Matt Porter
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Emo Music Sucks Now, but You Blew It! Remembers the Good Days

"Bedside Manor" harkens back to a time when emo was less about eyeliner and more about large-hearted Midwestern boys wearing plaid and carrying their keys on carabiners.
Charlie Ambler

Thighs, Blood and Rampant Inequality: We Spoke to an Ex-Lingerie Football League Player

It might be thrilling to watch, but the bikini-wearing LFL players don't have salaries or health insurance.
Helen Nianias

No, George Osborne, Wembley Shouldn't Be Home to an NFL Team

It won't provide a "huge boost to London", it'll just mean more shitty beer adverts.
Alex Horne

Hunting for British American Football Fans at London's NFL Street Party

They weren't all that easy to find.
Jack Blocker, Photos: Thomas Hjelm

Hey, Sports Haters, I Don't Like the Super Bowl Either

Watching Madonna's halftime show was like walking in on your grandmother having a threesome.
Harry Cheadle

My Depressing London Super Bowl Odyssey

Traipsing around in the slush looking for 'The Greatest Show on Earth'.
Joshua Haddow

Explaining American Football to the British

I asked an American to help me understand.
Oscar Rickett and John Klingler