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Every Madonna Persona Identified, Then Ranked

From 'BDSM Madonna' to 'Tonguing Britney Madonna', she's been them all and more.
Daisy Jones
Tshepo Mokoena
Nice Song, What's It About?

Talking "Sway" With New Zealand's Bic Runga

The 1997 hit was so good it appeared on ‘American Pie’ AND ‘American Reunion’.
Sara Savage
Important Questions Raised By...

We Asked People to Tell Us About the Worst Songs They’ve Had Sex to

Proving, once and for all, that listening to music while shagging can only ever lead to disappointment or the hospital.
Emma Garland

Avril Lavigne Helped Me Embrace The Shit-Kicking Teenage Girl I Always Was

She may not have been 2002’s answer to Throbbing Gristle, but she filled a gap where teenage girls had yet to see themselves, and gave them a voice.
Sammy Maine
Remembering Things

An Emotional and Cultural History of the First Two American Pie Soundtracks

For all its faults, the franchise assembled the optimum musical accompaniment to being young, dumb, and horny.
Emma Garland
Objectively Correct Lists

The 15 Albums That Will Make You Less Shit At Doing Work

STOP PROCRASTINATING (as soon as you've finished reading this article about records that help you work better).

Tara Reid Is Not a Loser

Thanks to <i>Sharknado 2</i> and a new perfume line called Shark by Tara, the former sex symbol is having a career renaissance as a camp icon.
Mitchell Sunderland

Tarafied: Hanging Out with Tara Reid at a Horror Convention

Once a famous blond bombshell, she's now famous for being the sort of person horror-movie fans line up to meet.
MaryLynn Manson-Gosling