American Sniper


Do Sociopaths Make Better Soldiers?

Though you might think people who could kill without remorse would make perfect fighters, in reality it can be difficult to make it as a soldier without a conscience.


The 'American Sniper' Killer Got Sentenced to Life in Prison

The verdict came after a bizarre trial that was heavily covered by the national media and renewed focus on the problem of mental health among America's veterans.


This British Versus American Sniper Debate Is a Bizarre Form of Patriotic Dick-Swinging

Neither Chris Kyle nor The Sun's anonymous British Marine are actually the best sniper ever. But it's a weird point of pride either way.


Michael Moore Talks to VICE About ‘American Sniper,’ the End of Sarah Palin and PTSD

Michael Moore spoke to VICE at length about his thoughts on 'American Sniper,' snipers in general, Sarah Palin, PTSD, that time Clint Eastwood threatened to kill him, and a whole host of other issues swirling around the media circus at the moment.