Greek Anarchists Are Helping Kurdish Forces Fight ISIS

They're allegedly training in guerrilla warfare in order to use similar tactics in the fight against the system at home.


A Chat with the 86-year-old Who Sprayed 'Money for Weapons Kills!' on the Wall of a Swiss Bank

The officers who took Louise Schneider away treated her like she was their own grandmother.


Resisting Eviction with London’s Anti-Capitalist Squatters

Bailiffs kicked anarchists and homeless people out of a £15 million oligarch's mansion this morning.


'Postal,' Today's Comic by Brian Blomerth

The postman's an anarchist in this comic by Brian Blomerth.


Essex Has a Much More Radical History Than You'd Think

Talking to Crass's Penny Rimbaud and the curator of the year-long "Radical Essex" exhibition about the county's history of political agitation and utopian living experiments.


CHAOS AND HORROR at the NME Awards, as Bring Me The Horizon Spill Coldplay's Drinks

People were less than impressed with the behaviour displayed by a guitar band at an awards ceremony where the prize is literally a bronze hand giving the middle finger.


Revolutions in Thinking

Talking anarchy, genius and God with Italy's best-selling theoretical physicist.


The FBI Is Worried Anarchists Will Rise Up Against Police This Halloween

Federal law enforcement in the US issued a warning to police departments that something called the National Liberation Militia is planning some sort of attack.


Dennis Cooper Wants to Give You a Complicated Erection with His Debut Horror Film

Like Cattle Towards Glow follows 13 young characters on terrifying sexual misadventures.


Prepping for the Apocalypse at a Doomsday Training Camp

I learned how to cut through zip ties, pick locks and lived through a fake kidnapping – all in the name of girding myself for the lawless world to come.


Premiere: Martha - “The Historian”

Mixing the political with the emotional, heavy-duty feels with pure pop melodies, Martha are the quintessence of sentimental anarchism.


What Life on the Streets of Madrid Is Like According to a Spanish Ultra

Juan was born in Madrid and has spent most of his life fighting on its streets – usually over football, sometimes over social issues he deems significant. Juan is not his real name.