Angel Is the Newcomer You Should Start 2018 With

Not only for those who love old The Weeknd: Noisey presents "Sacrifice", the first mixtape by Angel from The Bronx.


Fans Have Every Right to Feel Betrayed by Joss Whedon

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JME, Big Narstie and More Will Play a Grenfell Tower Benefit

#GrenfellLive will take place this Saturday 29 July in west London.


Sucking and Fucking: The Legacy of 'Buffy' Vampires 20 Years On

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A Sculpture of a Fallen Angel Is Stopping Beijing In Its Tracks

An angel made of fiberglass, silica gel, and stainless steel, from artists previously known for using dead babies and human fat in their work.


Premiere: Wretch 32, Ghetts, Devlin, Scorcher & Mercston Jump On Angel's New Track "Ghetto Boys"

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