Angus Harrison

British Studies

Why Beloved Christmas Cartoon 'The Snowman' Is Actually About Cocaine, One Night Stands and Death

Why is our nation's favourite Christmas film so bleak?
Angus Harrison

How Gary Lineker Became the British Left's Loudest Voice

As celebrities are ravaged by the press for voicing any opposition to the rising culture of xenophobia in the UK, the 'Match of the Day' presenter has carried on tweeting away regardless.
Angus Harrison

Why Do So Few Young People Talk to Their MPs in Person?

A new Channel 5 documentary takes us "behind closed doors" at MPs' surgeries, but there seem to be only two types of people showing up – and none of them are under 60.
Angus Harrison

We Spoke to Charlie Brooker About 'Black Mirror', Fear and the Future of Satire

Also, he cleared up some stuff about that 'VICE' episode of 'Nathan Barley'.
Angus Harrison

Is Robbie Williams the UK's Most Embarrassing Export?

Two writers duke it out.
Joel Golby and Angus Harrison

What Your Word for 'Attractive' Says About You

In the VICELAND census we asked you which words or phrases you use to describe the person you're attracted to. Here's what those words tell us about you.
Angus Harrison
Don't Trust The Internet

Just How Easy Is It to Get a Fake Degree?

Thirty bogus universities were shut down in the past year, but I figured there would still be some out there, so did my best to get myself a make-believe degree.
Angus Harrison
Don't Trust The Internet

​Calling Bullshit On All Your Definitely Fake 'Pokemon Go' Stories

"I chased a Blastoise inside and there was a dead body and a suitcase with 100K in it and my wife cheatin' on me with my best buddy."
Angus Harrison

Tyskie, Pastries and Siestas: I Had the Most European Day I Could Before We Leave the EU

You can take Britain out of Europe, but you can't take the European out of Britain.
Angus Harrison, Photos: Oscar Webb
Vice Blog

This Is What Love in Clubland Looks Like

The video for the Blaze's 'Virile' perfectly articulates the romance of fraternity and its place in club culture.
Angus Harrison

992 and Counting: Meet the Woman Trying to Visit Every Wetherspoons in the UK

Mags Thomson's hobby is more than just an eccentric pastime - it also helps her cope with grief and celebrate life.
Angus Harrison, Photos: Chris Bethell

An Expert Agrees: The ‘Streets of Rage 2’ Soundtrack Still Sounds Amazing Today

Angus Harrison is staff writer for Noisey and Thump. He'd never heard Yuzo Koshiro's 'SoR2' soundtrack before. Spoiler: he was impressed.
Mike Diver