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Panda Bear Lovingly Ranks His Solo Catalogue

Noah Lennox scrutinises his weirdo-pop career – including the long-forgotten CD he made as a teenager.
Zach Schonfeld

Panda Bear Made an Album to Impress His Kids and It Didn't Work

'Buoys' draws on trap's sonic architecture in order to appeal to young ears. Even if his kids are still embarrassed, it's a stunning pop statement.
Colin Joyce
Objectively Correct Lists

The 5 Best Animal Collective Live Sets of All Time

The band's fans, like those of the Grateful Dead, obsess over bootlegs. There are hundreds of live recordings out there, but we're pretty sure these are the five best.
Justin Kloczko
Noisey News

Animal Collective Sampled the Now-Incinerated Cassini Probe on "My Girls"

Space music is cool.
Alex Robert Ross

How Animal Collective's Avey Tare Escaped the World Around Him

The Animal Collective member talks to us about 'Eucalyptus,' and how recording his latest solo project recaptured the youthful fun of just making music.
Will Schube

Here's a 13-Minute Clip of Animal Collective Searching for Sounds in the Brazilian Rainforest

It's taken from 'Earthworks,' a new documentary series that follows artists on remarkable journeys around the world.
Noisey Staff
New music

Animal Collective Are Gonna Keep Being Weird, But Not Too Weird, with "Kinda Bonkers"

New EP 'The Painters' is out this week.
Phil Witmer

Animal Collective’s New Tour Fuses Dadaism and Children’s TV

Here’s what to expect when AnCo brings 'Painting With' to your town.
Annie Armstrong
Holy Shit

Animal Collective Bring the Trippy Goods with Their New Video for "Golden Gal"

'Painting With' comes this Friday, February 19.
John Hill
Holy Shit

Check Out Animal Collective's New Track, "Lying In The Grass"

No longer restricted to their 'Painting With' app.
John Hill
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Animal Collective Released a New Song Through a Painting App and We Reviewed It in the App, Too

"Lying in the Grass" is great background music for an iPhone painting app, but don't take our word for it, have a look at these video paintings.
Kyle Kramer

Now You Can Fingerpaint with Animal Collective

And hear their new single, "Lying in the Grass," while you’re at it!
Annie Armstrong