Neckbeard Deathcamp Are a Nazi-Stomping Black Metal Phenomenon

These unlikely leftist metal heroes turned a joke into a rising extreme metal force. Stream 'United Antifascist Evil,' their new split with Gaylord.


Tom Waits’ New Song of Anti-Fascist Resistance Needed More Teeth

Waits and Marc Ribot's cover of the Italian partisans' anthem "Bella Ciao" should've honoured modern revolutionaries, not a milquetoast march.


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Gnod Want You to 'Just Say No to The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine'

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Anti-Fascists Ruined a Speech by the Leader of the French National Front at Oxford Uni Last Night

But lots of students thought she should be allowed to debate in the name of free speech.


A History of Antifascists Beating the Shit Out of the National Front

They fought them in pubs; they fought them in the streets; they even fought them in a King's Cross branch of Wimpy.


We Spent Last Night Watching Greek Antifascists Clash with the Police

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A Golden Dawn Member Murdered an Anti-Fascist Rapper in Athens Last Night

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Everyone Had a Depressing Time at the EDL March in London This Weekend

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