Now That I Know the World is Doomed, Should I Get Into Advertising?

I’ve marched against climate change. I’ve read Naomi Klein. What else can I do?


I Did the 'Bird Box' Challenge While Watching 'Bird Box'

I sat for two hours on my bed, a bandana over my eyes, while the film played on my television.


Devi McCallion and Katie Dey’s Album Makes the End of the World Sound Fun

'Some New Form of Life' is a funny and fucked record about the end of everything and what comes after. Or something like that.


I Tried to Live Off This Televangelist's Disgusting Apocalypse Food

The disgraced Jim Bakker is back on TV, this time hocking doomsday prepper food.


We Asked a Physicist What Would Happen If Jimmy Ate World

*Hits blunt* Could life end thanks to an emo band with the munchies?


How to Live Your Best Life Before and After Nuclear Armageddon

Only one man can clear up your skin, give you peace of mind and provide world-class shelter in the face of a world-ending blast.


What That Viral Apocalyptic Vision of Brexit Means for Us

Leaving the EU will impoverish us all, according to someone from the 'Leave Alliance'.


There’s a 10-Year Reunion for Corey Worthington’s Party and We’re All Gonna Die

A very chill 17,000 people are "interested in attending."


Kid Rock Is Running For Senate, Happy Apocalypse

He has confirmed his run via his website.


Actually, Zombies Are Good

Walking corpses are here to help, according to a new book 'Living with the Living Dead: The Wisdom of the Zombie Apocalypse.'


Freeze-Dried Space Jizz Could Save Us All

A new study found that mouse sperm freeze-dried and sent to space for nine months can still be used to make healthy babies back on Earth.


'YouTube Enlightenment,' Today's Comic by Leslie Stein

Leslie goes down a rabbit hole after trying to fix her insomnia with the help of a few internet hypnosis videos.