April 2016

    • 4.29.16

      My MacGyver Moment in the Amazon Rainforest

      It's really handy to have a demo specialist around when you suddenly need a wire stripper in the jungle.

    • 4.27.16

      How to Make Polygamy Work

      For the first installment of The Talk, a new column that interrogates the current state of sex and relationships, we explore how and why people with different relationship structures make them work.

    • 4.25.16

      Inside the Bad Business of Baseball Stadiums

      The spending of Major League Baseball teams isn't reasonable, at the preseason scale or even for the big league games. But if you're being reasonable about sports, you're doing it wrong.

    • 4.18.16

      Return to Rojava

      Despite ongoing attacks by ISIS and threats from President Bashar al-Assad, as many as 100,000 Kurdish Syrian civilians have returned to Rojava.

    • 4.15.16

      A Brief History of Ponzi Schemes

      From three-card monte to insurance fraud to more sophisticated financial scams, the goal of a Ponzi scheme is always the same—to make a quick buck.

    • 4.12.16

      The Story Behind the Cover of VICE's April Issue

      Photographer Tim Schutsky hung out with some eerie cows and played around with googly eyes to get the perfect shot for our April 2016 cover.

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