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The outgoing Arsenal manager has been a presence for the entirety of my adult life.


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Blair’s Third Way and Wenger’s vitamin-infused tiki taka transformed their fields, were re-worked by others and then ceased to work.


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Andrey Arshavin was on another plane of thought to his teammates, but lost the ability to express his genius. How exactly that happened, nobody seems to know.


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In their infernal anger at Arsene Wenger, some among the ‘Wenger Out’ movement have resorted to the tactics of Brexit. We ask whether this is a clever move, or one likely to alienate their fellow fans.


Analysing The Smoking Habits of Footballers and Iconic Managers

While medical science has come to the consensus that tobacco and rigorous exercise don’t mix, there are still many icons of football who enjoy a crafty smoke. Here, we look to their smoking habits and what they may or may not signify.


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Before they were winning titles and going a season unbeaten at Arsenal, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira were struggling in Italy. Here’s how they shook off their Serie A woes to become icons of the Premier League.


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If Arsenal go out to Bayern in their coming Round of 16 double header, it will be their seventh consecutive fall at the same hurdle. Here, we look back at their previous failures and ask: what the fuck is going on?