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Embroidered Tapestries Beautifully Rewrite Art History’s Male Gaze

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Postcards from the End of an American Era

History hits a wall at Michael St. John's 14th solo show in New York, 'These Days; Leaves of Grass,' at Andrea Rosen Gallery.


The Best Art-Inspired Costumes of Halloween 2016

From Warhol to Kusama, art lovers pulled out the stops to bring their favorite works out of the gallery and into the streets.


Everyday Nudes Chill on the Couch in Stunning Classical Paintings

Figurative painter Kendric Tonn aims to sexualize the nude body in his work, without resorting to art history gender tropes.


Famous Renaissance Paintings Are Even More Surreal as Modern Photos

Despite its beauty, Renaissance art isn’t exactly perfect in the representational diversity department. Photographer Ventiko is here to help.


When Artwork Survives Catastrophe

From 9/11 to Islamic State pillaging, historical events literally shaped these artworks.