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Ask a Lawyer: What Happened with the BBC 'Slay in Your Lane' Ads?

In 2018 Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené trademarked their book's pun title. Then it showed up in an unaffiliated BBC Sport campaign.
Nana Baah
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Science, Please, Explain Why Catchy Songs Loop in Our Heads Forever

Is there more to an earworm than a snappy hook? I spoke to various clever people in music (I needed to get 'Baby Shark' out of my head).
Patrick Heardman
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Brexit-Related Lower House Prices Won’t Make Property Affordable

We asked an economics academic about yesterday's headline on Brexit projections and falling house prices. It doesn't look good.
Corissa Hollenbeck
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We Asked a Lawyer If the "All The Stars" Video Violated an Artist's Copyright

Wait, so did Kendrick and SZA's 'Black Panther' soundtrack video take from artist Lina Iris Viktor? What's the law? Come get educated.
Niloufar Haidari
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We Asked the Experts to Predict the Biggest Music Trends of 2017

Meet the tastemakers and gurus who take a shit on boundaries, tequila-shot your perceptions and painfully birth the future.
Noisey Staff

We Asked an Expert About that Data on Right-Wing People Having Happier Sex Lives

Look, no one just wants to sit here and accept the fact that being "very right-wing" means you're having a better time with sex. We need answers.
Morgan Harries

Why You Should Actually Look Forward to Being Alone Forever

We asked a psychologist about how playing the long game as someone who doesn't commit to romantic relationships can pay off.
Yasmin Jeffery

We Asked a Sex Therapist About the Thrills of Left-Handed Wanking

In honour of the International Left-Handers Day, we found out how much truth lies in the internet rumour virtues of non-dominant hand masturbating.
Tom Usher

I Creeped Around My Local IKEA to Find Out What Couples Argued About

IKEA: come for the Swedish meatballs, stay for the fight with bae.
Yasmin Jeffery

We Asked an Optometrist Why MDMA Makes Your Eyeballs Shake

As any devotee to the /r/drugs subreddit will be able to tell you, eye wiggles – or nystagmus – are a real and mysterious hassle.
Salma Haidrani

What Would Actually Happen If All the Banks Went on Strike?

On the 50th anniversary of the Irish bank strikes of 1966, we spoke to en economist about what – if anything – we learned from people who lived without banks for months at a time.
David Gilmour

Why Should Anyone Still Care About Hugh Hefner?

He's getting old – turning 90 today – so we asked an expert about whether Hefner and Playboy are still arguably relevant.
Tshepo Mokoena