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football and the tories

Remembering All The Times The Tories Failed To Understand Football

Over the past few decades, Conservative politicians have intermittently attempted to appropriate football and use it to their own ends. This has led to much embarrassment for everyone, but most of all them.
Will Magee
antisemitism in english football

Trying To Get Our Heads Around Mark Bosnich’s Nazi Salute At White Hart Lane

While most people remember Bosnich as the cherubic goalkeeper with the stonking cocaine habit, his most controversial moment in football is often overlooked or ignored.
Will Magee
relegation shocks and surprises

Too Good To Go Down: The Best Sides Relegated From The English Top Flight

Over the decades, there have been some truly shocking relegations on these shores. Man City, Middlesbrough, Leeds United – these are the sides who were too good to go down.
Will Magee
farewell to graham taylor

Remembering The Unlikely and Endearing Friendship Between Graham Taylor and Elton John

When Elton John took over at his beloved Watford, he needed a manager who could fulfil his ambitions. That manager was Graham Taylor, and they became firm friends as a result.
Will Magee
sun sex and suspicious england fans

England, Scotland, Lager, Chips: Exploring British Football Culture On Lanzarote

If you enjoy being called "geezer" by a Spanish waiter in a bar covered in England flags, then Lanzarote is the place to be for the duration of the international break.
Tom Sabokbar
three points! three points! my kingdom for three points!

Escape To Victory: Premier League Previews

With the table starting to take shape at this point, several sides are still in need of their first wins. In our third Premier League Preview, we take a look at the slow starters.
Will Magee
Dalian Atkinson

Former Aston Villa Striker Dalian Atkinson Dies After Being Tasered By Police

Beloved of Aston Villa fans for the heroics of his early ‘90s heyday, Atkinson has been identified as the man who died after being tasered by police in Telford on Monday morning.
UK Sports Staff
sex masochism

"Sex Masochism" and Delayed Gratification: The Premier League Review

Leicester's gratification may be delayed but it's surely not far off, while Newcastle are dancing to Rafa's beat and Arsenal fans are upset at another top-four finish. It's the Premier League Review
Jim Weeks

Champions at Old Trafford? ​This Weekend In The Premier League

Leicester could win the league at Old Trafford, Arsenal could blow their final chance of an imaginary trophy, while one club is soon to discover the horror of what lies beneath.
Will Magee
stiliyan petrov

Stiliyan Petrov Wants To Make Aston Villa Comeback After Full Recovery From Leukaemia

The 36-year-old believes he is close to regaining the level of fitness he had prior to his cancer diagnosis, and has told the club that he is ready to start pre-season.
UK Sports Staff

The Sad Flabby End of Aston Villa's Captain Gabriel Agbonlahor

Are top-flight footballers the last acceptable targets of abuse in modern Britain?
Francisco Garcia
randy lerner's unrequited love

Randy Lerner Claims To Take Romantic Nourishment From His Memories of Ashley Young

In an oddly beautiful statement to Aston Villa fans, Lerner has admitted both his responsibility for the club’s relegation and his undying love for Ashley Young.
Will Magee