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13,000 Migrant Kids Are Stuck Waiting in Mexico Thanks to Trump’s Policy

More than a quarter of them are under five, and at least 400 are infants


How Trump Is Winning His War on Asylum Seekers

"We have sent asylum seekers back to Mexico, and said, 'Hope you don't die. Bye, bye.'"


How Bread Is Helping These Refugees Start New Lives in London

Breadwinners employs refugees to sell bread in markets around London. The idea is simple: bread as a food is unifying, and selling it can provide vital employment skills.


British Airways Is Still Complicit in Deporting LGBTQ Asylum Seekers

I watched activists crash an airline gala to chant "deportation contracts make us sick" and hand out sick bags to 200 guests, including the CEO of British Airways.


What Trump 'Closing the Border' Might Actually Look Like

The president seems to want to stop asylum seekers from coming to the US – which could spark legal challenges and cause problems at the border.


LGBTQ Asylum Seekers are Still Being Let Down by the Home Office

Despite promises that things will improve, reports show that the process remains rooted in stereotyping, discrimination and violence.


A Food Truck in Cardiff Is Welcoming Refugees to Wales

Badina was forced to flee Albania after losing her family in the war. She arrived in Cardiff with no connections and little employment opportunity—then she found Oasis Cardiff.


The Yarl's Wood Hunger Strike Is a Rallying Cry Against State Racism

It is our collective responsibility to keep shouting for these women.


Watch Our New Documentary, 'Sweden's Hidden People'

Thousands of refugees have gone into hiding in Sweden since the country’s asylum laws went from some of the most welcoming to some of the toughest in Europe. VICE hears from this ever-growing parallel society.


Eating Through Hong Kong's 'Little India'

The ground floor of Chungking Mansions—the epicentre of life for Hong Kong’s asylum seekers—is filled with people hailing from South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, all trying to make a new life in one of Asia’s greatest economic miracles.


Why We’ll Need More Than English Lessons to Help Refugees Integrate

Last week's major government report on social integration focused on Muslims, but there are factors keeping asylum seekers separate from the average Brit too.