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What Trump 'Closing the Border' Might Actually Look Like

The president seems to want to stop asylum seekers from coming to the US – which could spark legal challenges and cause problems at the border.
Harry Cheadle

LGBTQ Asylum Seekers are Still Being Let Down by the Home Office

Despite promises that things will improve, reports show that the process remains rooted in stereotyping, discrimination and violence.
Jake Hall
British Values

The Yarl's Wood Hunger Strike Is a Rallying Cry Against State Racism

It is our collective responsibility to keep shouting for these women.
Kieran Yates

Watch Our New Documentary, 'Sweden's Hidden People'

Thousands of refugees have gone into hiding in Sweden since the country’s asylum laws went from some of the most welcoming to some of the toughest in Europe. VICE hears from this ever-growing parallel society.
Milene Larsson

Why We’ll Need More Than English Lessons to Help Refugees Integrate

Last week's major government report on social integration focused on Muslims, but there are factors keeping asylum seekers separate from the average Brit too.
Hugh Cunningham

What's Happened to the Refugees Who Were in the Calais Jungle?

We spoke to the charities helping to re-settle refugees forced from the camp.
Shannon Mahanty

LGBTQ Immigrants Go to America for Refuge and End Up in Detention Centres

The United States offers a safe haven for LGBTQ asylum seekers, but when they first arrive, many end up facing abuse in immigrant detention centers.
Meredith Hoffman

The Refugees Who Refuse Asylum

For some, the ability to travel back home outweighs the protections of asylum status in western Europe.
Meredith Hoffman

Photos from Sweden's First Pride Parade for Asylum Seekers

People had travelled from all over the country to welcome LGBTQ asylum seekers to the city of Uppsala.
Maximiliam Gernandt, Words by Aretha Bergdahl

I Spent 24 Hours Around Berlin's Dingiest Square

When I get out of the U8 train at Berlin's Kottbusser Tor station at 5AM on a Thursday, three men dressed in rags raise their beer bottles to greet me, grinning with the few remaining teeth they have.
Wlada Kolosowa
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What Can We Learn About Prime Minister Theresa May from Her Time as Home Secretary?

Her six years as home secretary were characterised more by their brutality than their effectiveness.
Wail Qasim
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The Truth Behind All the Scaremongering You Will Hear in the EU Referendum Debate

Experts agree that if we leave/don't leave the EU the economy will be ruined and we will be flooded with immigrants.
Gavin Haynes