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Indiana University Is Banning Athletes with a Criminal History of Sexual or Domestic Assault

The school's new policy will apply to prospective freshmen, current students, or transfer applicants who have been convicted of or plead guilty to a felony sexual assault charge.
Drew Schwartz

How to Eat Like a Taiwanese Baseball Player

"The stuff you eat after the game in America, here you eat <i>before</i> the game.”
Natalie B. Compton

FUEL: Kron Gracie

We try to keep up with meat-free jiu-jitsu and MMA fighter, Kron Gracie.
Kron Gracie
junk food

The Olympics Food Options Are So Bad that Athletes Are Eating McDonald’s

Official Rio 2016 sponsor McDonald’s has been offering free food to athletes and coaches in the Olympic Village.
Daisy Meager

This Coach's Insane Olympic Athlete Meal Plan Is Basically Just a Ton of Meat and Nuts

According to strength training coach Charles R. Poliquin coach—who has worked with NHL and NFL players and Olympians—a good breakfast means stuffing your face with meat and topping it off with a handful of nuts.
Wyatt Marshall

The Olympics Are Going to Be a Literal Shitshow

"Levels of sewage that have been released into the environment in Rio is so high that the likelihood of infection is imminent."
Stacey Colino
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Meet the Sexy Nude Dudes Behind Reddit’s Lady Boners Gone Wild

It's about so much more than dick pics!
Brian Moylan
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Jozy Altidore's Long Road to Europe and Back

With Toronto in New York town to play NYCFC, we took Jozy to a local football bar and talked through his long and winding road as a professional and his hopes for Haiti in Copa America.
VICE Sports

Just How Much of Ourselves Does a Paycheck Buy?

The negotiation of how much time, how much effort, and how much of a right the boss has to ask for more is where things get tricky.
David Roth

Meet the Real Life Version of Happy Gilmore

We spent a day with the real life Happy Gilmore in Phoenix to witness his 95mph slap shot and 400+ yard long drive.
VICE Sports

From Homeless Kid to Skate Mogul – VICE Sports Meets: Stevie Williams

Stevie Williams isn't just one of the greatest skateboarders of all time, he's the successful entrepreneur behind Dirty Ghetto Kids and a host of other ventures - but it wasn't always that way.
VICE Sports

Snakes, Alligators and the World's Top Female Golfer

At 18-years-old, Lydia Ko is the youngest golfer of either sex to ever be ranked #1 in the world. Simply put, she's the best. On a rare off day in her home base of Orlando, we figured it would be nice to show her some local sights.
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