Atlas Hoods

  • Estonian Prison Wankers

    Inside the porn-splattered walls of Patarei gulag.

  • Iceland's Most Poetic Murderer

    I’m sat with Bjarni Bernhardur, 25 years ago, he butchered his landlord to the sounds of Louis Armstrong. Today he’s invited me over to drink some tea, eat some salami and hear about his life.

  • The Curse Of Japan's Futurist Space Base

    Before the 90s economic collapse, this is what the future was going to look like for Japan.

  • The Third Korea

    Stuck between two warring Koreas, is a little third one, trying to make it's way.

  • Botswana's Cowboy Metalheads

    Love it or hate it, when most people think of metal, they think of white dudes. Not black dudes in deserts.

  • The Croatian Tattoo Grandma Cult

    That little girl in the middle there is Tea Turalija. She grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina surrounded by tattooed women.