the decline of the premier league matchday

Squeezed Fans, Silent Stadiums: The Myth of Premier League Atmosphere

While the Premier League product is dependent on the idea of raucous matchday experiences, the marketing rarely matches the reality. So, how can we reverse the trend of declining atmospheres in our top-flight grounds?
Paul Walker-Emig

A Brief History of That Kickass Flute Sample on Future’s “Mask Off”

The surprising story starts at an MLK-themed musical, goes to Atmosphere and ends up at... Swedish rap?
Phil Witmer
football stadium architecture

How Does Stadium Architecture Affect Match Day Atmosphere?

The atmosphere inside a stadium has as much to do with its design as the fans inside it. We asked an architect who worked on Lyon's new ground how to create a truly noisy match day experience.
Joe Lo
VICE vs Video games

Outer Space and Underwater: On the Dark Worlds of ‘System Shock 2’ and ‘BioShock’

Irrational Games' sci-fi shocker of 1999 and its spiritual sequel nail their atmospheres perfectly – and the blackness that surrounds them is a vital ingredient.
Ewan Wilson

Pilots Explain Why We Shouldn't Worry About Turbulence

"We avoid turbulence because it's stressful for passengers," says former military pilot Keith Tonkin, "but for pilots it's just not an issue."
Julian Morgans

We Spent a Night on a Freezing Beach to Not See the Aurora Australis

I came to see lights. Instead I only saw clouds and disappointed people on a windy beach. So I asked them why they'd come.
Julian Morgans

The True Story of Penn & Teller in Space

LA timelapse filmmaker Colin Rich explains the why the dubious duo seemed to be plummeting from the upper atmosphere.
The Creators Project
Thinkpieces And Shit

One Love: Hip Hop's in a Transition Between Materialism and Idealism

From groups like Souls of Mischief and A Tribe Called Quest, and nurtured by artists like Lil B and Kendrick Lamar, rap could soon experience its second spiritual revolution.
Ryan Bassil

Premiere: Atmosphere - "Kanye West" (Official Video)

"Kanye West" is a reminder that true love knows no borders, laws, or suspicions that your partner is using you to help knock over a bunch of convenience stores.
Drew Millard

Portraying Fragments Of The Earth's Atmosphere With A 3D Printer

This 3D printer visualizes the environment like never before.
Beckett Mufson

Farting Cows Blew Up a Shed with Their Gas

Human meat-consumption demands are so high that methane is destroying the atmosphere and setting barns ablaze.
Lauren Rothman