A Virtual Rainstorm Fills the Houston Cistern

Multidirectional flashes of light flicker and dance across hundreds of columns inside the dark architectural void of the Houston Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park.


Immersive Light Tunnels Create Illusions of Infinity

'Daydream V.4' uses sound and image to create tunnels of light.


[Premiere] Experience Singularity Inside a Holographic Black Hole

The so-called 'Dark Hearts of Space' inspire this audiovisual performance by Dasha Rush and Stanislov Glazov.


Enter the Microcosmic Dreams of an Early Filmmaking Pioneer

Musician Stuart A. Staples pays tribute to a pioneer of micro-photographic techniques in 'Minute bodies: The intimate world of F. Percy Smith.'


Interactive CGI and Audio Create an Abstract Virtual Realm

Sights and sounds combine to form an abstract space in London CGI artist Dave Webster’s ongoing ‘Broken Angels’ series.


Dine Inside the Great Outdoors at 'The Weather Café'

Weather becomes a way of understand our transient and fragile feelings in David Shearings interactive public installation.


CGI Robots Dance on an Alien Planet in a 360° Video

Immersive music and dance combine in Dutch creative coder Sander Sneek’s latest VR experience.


All the Experiments in This Film Were Created by Sound

Watch the bass drop like acid, transforming into visuals experiments, in the new video for The Prototypes’ “Transmission.”


Björk’s VR Exhibition Explores Her Fascination with Digital Worlds

The Icelandic musician’s latest is a deep dive into the self-made-digital.


[Premiere] Morphing Bodies Throb and Flicker in a Dystopian Music Video

How is technology changing our bodies? Media artist Kurt D’Haeseleer explores this in his music video for Franck Vigroux’s “Simulacres.”


Eyes Control Light and Sound in a Cybernetic Feedback Experience

Indonesian artist Riar Rizaldi uses the eye as an instrument to trigger an audiovisual installation.


Watch a Planetarium Dome Become a Real-Time Audiovisual Canvas

Audiovisual artist Boris Divider got to use the CLM Museum of the Sciences’ dome as his generative art canvas.