When Times Are Challenging, Listen to Music That Challenges You

Autechre’s new album is intimidatingly abstract and eight hours long, which is an ungodly amount of music to listen to in one sitting. You should try it.


The Guide to Getting Into Autechre

The duo’s latest offering is an 8-hour collection of brain-liquifying beats, low hz static, and other shredded software sounds. Most of their catalogue is pretty imposing, so here’s where to start.


Sónar Is Sending Electronic Music to Aliens 12 Light Years Away

The Spanish festival has partnered with METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to send transmissions, for the first time in human history, to a "potentially habitable exoplanet."


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Autechre Just Surprise Released a Five-Disc Album

'Elseq 1-5' dropped after a week of mysterious movements by the duo.


Autechre Dropped a Nasty 12-Minute Feedback Beat on BBC Radio 6 Last Night

"Feed1" is the first new music from the duo since the release of their 2013 EP 'L-Event'.


The Film about Bloc Looks Like a Scrapbook to a Blighted but Beloved Festival

'Dancing on Carpets' is the perfect send-off to the decade old Bloc festival.


Autechre's Webshop For Selling Exclusive Live Recordings Is Now Open to the Public

The files are available in multiple high-resolution formats and were recorded directly off the soundboard. RIP bank account.


Autechre Are Still More Post-Human Than You Are

We caught up with the duo to find out where they're headed next and the early influences they never left behind.