Awful Things


Lil Peep's Legacy Lives On

The late rapper reached the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time last week with "Awful Things," which Good Charlotte covered at his memorial.


Lil Peep's "Awful Things" Video Is a Passing of the Generational Torch

You're gonna wish you were 14 years-old right now to appreciate this.


An Angry Virgin Was Found Guilty of Attempted Murder After Stabbing Three Women

All of his victims survived, making it easy for cops to nab the "Tomb Raider" fan.


The Cleveland Cop Who Shot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Had a Shady Past

From his earliest days at the police academy, Tim Loehmann performed poorly.


Why Do People Keep Getting Pushed onto Tube Tracks?

In the wake of the terrifyingly random death of a man pushed in front of a train, some are wondering if more could be done to prevent transit-related fatalities in New York City.


The Guy Who Allegedly Posted Pictures of His Strangled Girlfriend on 4Chan Has Been Arrested

David Kalac, primary suspect in the ​mysterious murder-by-strangling has been arrested.