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As Pop Music Embraces Música Urbana, American Trap Keeps Its Distance

Latin and American trap has been slow to get in bed together.


This Video of Bad Bunny Performing 'MÍA' in a Parade is Pure Joy

The Latin trap star took to the streets of Puerto Rico with Jimmy Fallon and Questlove to perform his Drake-assisted hit.


Kevin Fret’s Death Highlights Latin Trap’s Homophobia Problem

Only after his murder is the openly gay Latin trapero getting the attention his work deserved.


All Hail Bad Bunny, Rap's Coming King

Bad Bunny’s debut solo effort ‘X 100PRE’ makes a strong case for latin trap’s longevity in the mainstream.


Can Latin Trap Go Mainstream Without Sacrificing Authenticity?

Even as Bad Bunny and J Balvin cosy up to English-language acts, there’s plenty of room for others to mine the darker, druggier corners of the genre.


Holy Shit, Listen to Drake and Bad Bunny's Joyous New Single "MIA"

Drizzy hops on "MIA" with Bad Bunny and the result is everything you expected.


Bad Bunny's Embrace of Femininity Comes with a Caveat

The Latin trap star is pushing against toxic masculinity while revealing the genre's limits of acceptance.


Latin Trap Has a 6ix9ine Problem

Anuel AA's new track "Bebe" features 6ix9ine, and opens up a whole can of worms.


The Return of Latin Trap's Most Notorious Star, Anuel AA

In any online discussion about Bad Bunny Aneul AA's name will pop up. Now fresh from prison and with a new project out, he's ready to claim the title of king of the genre.


Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and the Perils of Latin Novelty

"I Like It" is an inarguable hit, but its sample invokes a history of the industry exoticising songs sung in Spanish. Burger King is involved somehow.


Listen to Cardi B's Debut Album 'Invasion of Privacy'

We can finally listen to 'Invasion of Privacy,' which features SZA, Chance The Rapper, Kehlani and more.


Messiah Is Poised for a Future in Pop After a Hit "Bodak Yellow" Remix

Harlem's Latin trap pioneer has long been an expert navigator of the world of celebrity-studded remixes and features, but the new video for "Pum Pum" is a reminder that he has a star power all his own.