Baja California


This Baja Oyster Expert is Revolutionising Oyster Farming

"Oysters are magic."


The World's Best Breakfast Is in a Small Village in Northwest Mexico

The only ingredient used to season the best breakfast dish on earth is grain salt, and it’s paired with nothing but simple, well-seasoned refried beans and handmade tortillas.


The Mexican NGO Getting Sharks and Fishermen to Work Together

Pelagic Life is working to reveal the harm shark fishing does to both the ecosystem and the fishing economy of San Carlos. They want to keep the sharks in the water – and bring the tourists in to see them.


Taking on the World's Most Difficult Off-Road Race in a VW Bug

The Baja 1000 is the longest continuous off-road race in the world and the Desert Dingoes race it in stock pre-1982 Volkswagen Beetles. That's like trying to win the America's Cup in a blowup raft.