Baked Beans


Wales Is Stockpiling Literal Tonnes of Baked Beans to Prepare for a No-Deal Brexit

Only the essentials then, lads.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
food safety

Watch the Baked Beans Ad That Just Got Banned Over Safety Fears

The Advertising Standards Authority was not happy with Heinz’s latest TV advert.
Daisy Meager
captain beany

MUNCHIES Guide to Wales - Episode 3

Charlet travels to the industrial town of Port Talbot to meet Captain Beany at the world’s first Baked Bean Museum of Excellence, which he runs out of his council flat.
Charlet Duboc

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day by Finishing an ‘Unfinishable’ Irish Pub Breakfast

We can’t all be in County Mayo for St. Patrick’s Day. Some of us have to make do with an artery-clogging breakfast in O’Neill’s, the Guinness-slopped Irish chain pub found on most British high streets.
Nell Frizzell

What We Know So Far About Why Jeremy Corbyn Could Never Be Labour Leader

A man who eats cold baked beans has no place heading up Her Majesty's Opposition.
Simon Childs
competitive eating

Britain's Biggest Breakfast Almost Killed Me

I went to the Wonder Café to take on its infamous breakfast challenge: four fried slices of bread, four slices of toast, four eggs, six sausages, six rashers of bacon, six hash browns, four black pudding, plum tomatoes, beans, and mushrooms, all in 4...
Gareth May

A London Bartender Is Serving Christmas Cocktails Out of Stockings

As with all of Myles Donneky’s cocktails, every sip has a story. One of his personal best is based on a line from his grandmother's favorite poem—about old women who just want to go out and party and spend their pension on Champagne.
Gareth May