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You Need to Listen to Red Bull Radio's New Show 'True Laurels'

Noisey staff writer Lawrence Burney debuts his own radio show with Baltimore artist Lor Choc as its first guest.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lor Choc Brought the Whole Neighborhood Out For Her "Score" Video

The Baltimore singer gives a proper summertime vibe to her newest single.
Lawrence Burney

Lor Choc Knows Who Doesn't Want to See Her Win

The Baltimore singer's new song covers the need to end negative friendships.
Lawrence Burney

Abdu Ali Perseveres In a Dystopian World In New Noise-Rap Track "DaWon"

We premiere the Baltimore rapper's new track and talk about his upcoming 'FIYA!!!' mixtape.
Lawrence Burney
True Laurels

These Are February's Best Rap Songs from Baltimore and the DMV

Here's a look back on tracks from Q Da Fool, Peso Da Mafia, Ciscero, and more.
Lawrence Burney
True Laurels

Baltimore's Lor Choc Makes Loving Music For the Streets

During a recent trip down to Baltimore, we caught up with the rapper and singer for a video interview about her musical process and forthcoming mixtape, 'Love Love.'
Lawrence Burney
True Laurels

Young Moose Warned Us About Baltimore Police Corruption

Details emerging from the current trials for Baltimore's indicted Gun Trace Task Force underscore the importance of listening to local artists.
Lawrence Burney

Soduh's "Bad Views" Video Is a Multilayered Tribute to East Baltimore

The Baltimore rapper pays tribute to the 2015 Uprising and the city's dirtbike culture.
Lawrence Burney

Creek Boyz, The World's Best Trap Choir, Are Back With Two New Songs

The Baltimore group announces its debut tape '1:11' and shares "Trap Digits" and "Loco," the hooky follow-ups to "With My Team."
Lawrence Burney
New music

The Creek Boyz Recruited Lil Yachty For A New Version of "With My Team"

The Baltimore group's breakout single just got bigger.
Lawrence Burney

Why Did the Hook on Creek Boyz's "With My Team" Need to Change?

The Baltimore group's regional hit has a confusing new tweak that takes away from its initially endearing message.
Lawrence Burney

How a Dirty Baltimore Cop's Vendetta Derailed a Promising Rapper's Career

Young Moose has been tapped as the “Baltimore Boosie.” So why, at the beginning of 2017, was he working at a mall’s embroidery shop?
Lawrence Burney