Last Call

Last Call: Dan Tana's Veteran Bartender Can Drink 20 Shots a Night and Has Kept 50 Years of Hollywood Secrets

"My nickname is Dr. Kevorkian Slow Death. I feed [people] alcohol, I feed them cigarettes, I feed them Viagra."
Eduardo L. Perro

Kansas City Security Officer Fired for Ordering a 'Trayvon Martini'

He's a former member of the Olathe Police Department.
Hannah Keyser

We Asked Bartenders What to Drink When It’s Too Hot to Function

“I want volume, I want low ABV, I want it to be frosty cold, and I don’t wanna be challenged by what’s in my glass.”
Phoebe Hurst
Restaurant Confessionals

All the Terrible Things I’ve Seen While Bartending on Valentine’s Day

“I barged the toilet door to find this girl, one leg on the disabled bar, being humped over the toilet by the busser.”
New Orleans

How I Run the Only Non-Christmas Christmas Bar in America

Owning a dive bar is not for everybody. Some people in New Orleans would probably love to get rid of Snake and Jakes Christmas Club Lounge, but I keep it going because there’s nothing else like it.
Dave Clements
Last Call

The Perils of Running a Bar By Yourself

To enter Toronto's Pharmacy bar is to enter owner Chris Harper's brain and see his vision of what a bar should be.
Nick Rose

Why I Quit My Job in Fashion to Become a Bartender

“It’s such a gift to make people happy and to be honest, make them drunk.”
Dirk Jens Gueldner
Easy Drinks

Easy Drinks: This Irn-Bru Cocktail Is the Scottish Aperol Spritz

"We wanted to shine a light on ingredients that are really great but have had a rough history."
Daisy Meager

Inside the Secret Manchester Pub That Only Serves Bartenders

The Seven Oaks opens from midnight until 8 AM, catering exclusively to bar staff clocking off from their shifts. And with so many bartenders in one place, things soon get rowdy.
Kamila Rymajdo
Last Call

Life Advice from the Legendary Bartender at California's Best Biker Bar

Bay Area legend Gina Parle of the Warehouse Cafe tells us why mojitos are pathetic and how to go down on yourself.
Laura Mason
Restaurant Confessionals

How to Survive a Bar Brawl

"Anything that anyone could get their hands on, they were grabbing it. I saw one guy get hit by a table and he just bounced back and punched the other guy."

Meet the London Bartender Serving Virtual Reality Cocktails

“Some people seem to think it’s fast-paced and you’ll get motion sickness but don’t worry, it’s really quite more of a swooping, gentle experience.”
Daisy Meager