You Probably Didn’t Play It, But the Story of ‘Battleborn’ Was All About Badass Women

Gearbox's online shooter was blown away by the success of Overwatch, but spare a thought for how its story really did promote awesome female characters.
Kaitlin Tremblay

How Blizzard Weaponised Hype for the Launch of ‘Overwatch’

'Overwatch' is the most-hyped game of 2016 so far, with seven million playing right now, and its makers really did leave nothing to chance.
Ian Stokes

Talking About the One-Way Bloodbath That Was ‘Overwatch’ Vs. ‘Battleborn’

Talk about an unfair fight. One might have been for every kind of badass, but it was comprehensively rolled over by its rival.
Sean Cleaver and Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

A Totally Incomplete List of New Video Games You Can Play in 2016

From robot dinosaurs to realistic boob physics, via supernatural assassins and sexy maths-made sci-fi worlds, this is basically gaming for the next 12 months.
Mike Diver

Author Claire Vaye Watkins on Her Debut Novel, the Water Crisis and Poop Jokes

We talked to the celebrated 'Gold Fame Citrus' author about her new book and the connections between so-called 'good' guys and terrible deeds.
Aaron Calvin
VICE vs Video games

VICE Goes to Gamescom 2015, Part One: The Big Games

'Street Fighter V', 'Dark Souls III', 'Battleborn' and more: hands-on with some of the heavyweights at Gamescom 2015.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

VICE Gaming at E3 2015: Day Three Round Up

It's a can't-bloody-wait for 'Super Mario Maker', but only a there-might-be-blood for Ubisoft's new 'For Honor'.
Julia Hardy