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The Unapologetically Arab Restaurant That Reminded Me America is My Country, Too

At Dyafa, seeing people enjoying my heritage through food felt like a lifelong cloud of hatred was being lifted.
Janelle Lassalle

A Peek Inside the Secret, Sick Rituals of America's Frats

Just in time for the likely confirmation of a frat guy accused of sexual violence to the Supreme Court, a look at the underbelly of the world many powerful men pass through.
Alex Norcia
Objectively Correct Lists

7 Essential Lil B Mixtapes to Get You Started on the Based Path

Much of Lil B's mammoth discography has finally hit streaming services. Here are a few of the #rare albums you should collect.
Phil Witmer

'HATE THY NEIGHBOUR' Meets the Alt-Right at Berkeley's 'Free Speech Week'

Jamali Maddix interviews "Based Stickman" Kyle Chapman on Wednesday's episode of the VICELAND show.
VICE Staff
The Restless Youth Issue

The Bay Area's Antifa Movements Are Alive and Well

The region has a long history of anarchist organizing dating back to the turn of the 20th century.
Whitney Mallett

The Painter Turning Violent Protests into Art

John Paul Marcelo captured the 'Battle of Berkeley' the old-fashioned way.
Rick Paulas
Noisey Specials

Watch 'Lil B: Believe in Earth,' a Rare and Based Journey with One of Rap's Most Influential Artists

In this very rare motivational experience, Noisey set out to learn the meaning of based and learn a bit more about ourselves in the process.
Noisey Staff
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked Alien Experts Who They'd Want as President if UFOs Landed

The president of the United States normally has a lot of responsibility, but if aliens arrive, he or she could end up deciding the literal fate of humanity.
Mike Pearl

Oculus Rift Headset and Controllers Puts You Inside a Robot's Body

Students at Berkeley’s Automation Sciences Lab used virtual reality and motion capture to 'Mind Meld' with a robot.
DJ Pangburn

The History of Hipsters, Aliens, & Ignorance! : 10 College Courses This Fall

Oh, to be young again.
Annie Armstrong

A Judge Sentenced Three Kids to Juvie for Refusing to Hang Out with Their Dad

The Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, kids will live in the Oakland County Children's Village until they're ready to "be normal human beings," the judge decreed after the two younger siblings refused to have lunch with their father.
Allie Conti

Rediscovering San Francisco's Punk Scene in a Box of Old Negatives

John Roberts documented the Bay Area's pre-AIDS, post-Hippie era, but until recently he thought all of his photos had been lost forever.
John Roberts, Text by Joseph Bien-Kahn