Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone Says New Formula 1 Owners Want to "Get Rid of My History"

"In F1, we have been running a five-star Michelin restaurant, not a hamburger joint."
Glenn Freeman, Motorsport.Com
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Remembering Formula 1's Long Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

By 1985, most sports had long since turned their back on apartheid South Africa, but Formula 1 was still competing there annually. When it finally left, humanitarian reasons may not have been top of the agenda.
Jim Weeks

Ross Brawn Lands Key Role as New-Look F1 Structure is Revealed

Formula 1 world champion team owner Ross Brawn will return to grand prix racing in a newly-created role of 'Managing Director, Motor Sports', as part of Liberty Media's takeover of the sport.
Charles Bradley,
Formula 1

​The Formula 1 Hopeful Who Played Getaway Driver For The Great Train Robbery

London-born Roy James was an aspiring Formula 1 driver who raced against a young Jackie Stewart. But while the Scot was winning world titles, James was serving a 30-year prison sentence for his role in the Great Train Robbery.
Jim Weeks

Bernie Ecclestone Calls for Double-Header Formula 1 Races

​Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone wants grands prix to be split up into two shorter races – because he thinks fans are no longer interested in the current format.
Jonathan Noble,

Report: Ross Brawn to Return to F1 as Sporting Boss

The 61-year-old Briton would not replace Bernie Ecclestone, and would not be involved in the commercial side of the sport.
Pablo Elizalde,
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Formula One Sale to Liberty Media Corp Confirmed in Deal Valued at $8bn

The sale of Formula One to the Liberty Media Corp has been agreed, though the previous ownership will retain shares.
Jim Weeks
Bernie Ecclestone

When Bernie Ecclestone Goes, Who Replaces Him?

As Chief Executive of the Formula One Group, Bernie Ecclestone commands a position within motorsport like no one ever has — or probably ever will.
Charles Bradley,
Bernie Ecclestone

It's D-Day for Formula One’s 2017 Rules Revolution

Bernie Ecclestone, FIA president Jean Todt, and F1 team chiefs will get together in London today to sign off on a raft of changes for next year aimed at reinvigorating the sport and making it more competitive.
Jonathan Noble,

Ecclestone Says Putin "Should Run Europe"

He also says "Formula One is the worst it has ever been", but you've got to read between the lines with Bernie.
Jim Weeks

Bernie Ecclestone Says Women "Wouldn't be Taken Seriously" in Formula 1

If there was somebody that was capable they wouldn't be taken seriously anyway," said the 85-year-old.
VICE Sports
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​Remembering the Formula 1 'Indoor Trophy'

Despite its ultra-slick image, there was once an event F1 held in a car park in Bologna that attracted a ragtag group of backmarkers and young hopefuls.
Jim Weeks