Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby Expected 'Something in Return' from Women in Bizarre 70s TV Skit

The disgraced (and now convicted) comedian peppered his work throughout the years with bits that hinted at sexual predation.


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It's Time to Accept That Bill Cosby Probably Won't Be Convicted

A sexual assault prosecutor from the Clinton administration explains why the comedian will likely never see the inside of a prison cell.


Jurors in Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Trial Are Stuck in Deadlock

The judge has urged them to keep trying, but a mistrial seems like an increasingly plausible outcome.


Bill Cosby Doesn't Deserve Our Black Tears

It's time for the people still clinging to the comedian despite dozens of sexual assault allegations to let go.


Bill Cosby and the Toxic Power of Celebrity Apologists

The disgraced comedian has been forced to cling to the only halfway respectable figures willing to appear with him in public.


Bill Cosby's Trial Is a Test for America

Get ready for a national spectacle about race, sex, and power with huge stakes for survivors of sexual assault everywhere.


Bill Cosby's Trial Is Already Showing How Twisted America Is

The disgraced comedian's sexual assault trial has barely started, and it's already revealed the bizarre way in which juries are selected and justice gets meted out.


Bill Cosby Still Thinks He Could Have a Future in Showbiz

The comic's first interview in two years was all about rehabilitating his image in anticipation of his rape trial next month.


Judge Sets Bill Cosby Trial Date for June

The next battle between prosecutors and Bill Cosby's attorneys will be fought over which pieces of evidence are allowed into the courtroom.


[Exclusive] Fat Albert: A Modern Trojan Horse?

Sanford Biggers’ 'Subjective Cosmology' solo show explores race and identity. We've got the exclusive trailer for 'Shatter,' the third in a series of video art pieces, which makes its debut with the exhibition.


25 Years Ago, Morrissey Ruined Bill Cosby’s Appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’

The singer made his American television debut, and his fans made the show a living hell.