North America Lost Nearly 30% of Its Birds In the Last 50 Years

The hidden crisis amounts to a loss of almost 3 billion birds since 1970 due to human activity and climate change, scientists say, and requires action.


Humans Have Done 50 Million Years of Damage to New Zealand’s Birds

It would take longer than humans have been on this Earth to recover the number of bird species lost in New Zealand.


Darwin’s Finches Are In Danger Because a Parasite Is Changing Their Mating Song

By deforming their beaks, an introduced parasite is causing two finch species to hybridise, changing the course of their evolution.


Millions of Birds Are Vacuumed to Death Every Year for Our Martini Olives

Olives have a better flavor if they’re harvested at night, which is bad news for the birds who tend to sleep in those trees.


New Zealand Man Goes Swimming, Finds Footprints of Extinct Mega-Bird

“I was just going for a casual swim, so it’s escalated a bit.”


This Bird Went Extinct and Then Evolved Into Existence Again

"We know of no other example in rails, or of birds in general, that demonstrates this phenomenon so evidently.”


Meet M Huncho, The Masked UK Rapper With a Slick Majestic Sound

On the day his new mixtape 'Utopia' drops, here's everything you need to know about this up-and-coming soon-to-be staple of the UK scene.


Opium-Addicted Parrots Keep Raiding Poppy Farms in India

Poppy farmers are being forced to guard their crops against the drug-addled birds, who get high off the narcotic effects of the plant.


Vibrant Photos of Cuban Pigeon Racing

Carlos Jaramillo revisits a pigeon racer and his beautifully dyed birds in Havana.


'The Falcon,' Today's Comic by Brian McCray

This bird has an odd and psychedelic journey after being eaten alive by a human-like reptile.


Farming Edible Birds' Nests Is a Stinky But Lucrative Business

I was given a rare glimpse inside a bird spit farm in Vietnam. The stuff sells for upwards of $500 a pound, but it ain't pretty.


Here's Where All Your Plastic Ends Up

Photos of North Pacific albatross and their garbage-clogged insides.