bob nickas

    • 4.15.15

      A Picasso Painting Could Get Auctioned Off for $140 Million in May

      Does someone who buys a painting for $140 million simply take out their chequebook and ask for a pen? Do they swipe their American Express Centurion? Do armoured cars pull up in front of Christie's, laden with gold bars?

    • 12.22.14

      Komp-LaintDept. – Manson vs. Mormon and the Brides of Frankenstein

      What's the connection between the Mormon Church's founder, Joseph Smith and the geriatric but still notorious and imprisoned Charles Manson? There are lots of them.

    • 3.2.10

      Traces Of Soho Past

      In New York, art has always left traces behind, but like everything else in the city, those traces vanish a little more with every passing day, until they are completely erased. Take Soho, my neighborhood since 1985.