Photos of Sarajevo's Scars

In 1992, the Bosnian capital came under siege – an assault that lasted 1,425 days.


Greek Football Federation Calls Srebrenica Banners Displayed By Fans “Despicable”

During Greece’s World Cup qualifying match against Bosnia-Herzegovina on Sunday, a number of Greek fans displayed a banner that read: ‘Knife, Wire, Srebrenica’.


Photos of a Newspaper Deliveryman's Morning Route in Bosnia

We got a newspaper deliveryman in Bosnia to photograph his early morning route. He documented the dogs and decay of the formerly war-torn city.


Bosnia's Bridge Divers Risk Their Necks for Tips and Thrills

For 450 years, people have been jumping off of Mostar's old bridge and flying for three seconds before hitting the water.


Skateboarders and Bomb Shelters: Short Doc Takes You Inside Modern Bosnia

A skateboard trip to Sarajevo becomes a stunning short documentary in Felix Löchel's 'Titos Shelter.'


The Hangover News

This weekend, The Sun published a photo of the Queen doing a Nazi salute as a child, and it was claimed that ISIS has set up its first European training camp.


The Hangover News

Mexico's biggest drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, escaped from prison – again.


The Killing Fields of Srebrenica: Twenty Years After the Bosnian Genocide

Ahead of this year's memorial event, we visited the town where Bosnian Serb forces killed 8,000 Muslim men and boys in 1995.


Akhil Sharma and Aleksandar Hemon Discuss Poverty, Happiness and Publishing

What do two writers talk about when you sit them down with each other and a tape recorder?


From Rave to Revolution: How Pop Music Has Changed the World We Live in

Taking in acid house, Public Enemy and Pussy Riot, Matthew Collin's new book Pop Grenade tells the story of music's ongoing fight to change the world.


I Got a Tattoo While Being Hypnotised in Amsterdam

I let some guy go to town on my calf while a dreadlocked Bosnian woman in a turban made my eyes feel heavy.


Football and Kosovo's Fight for Independence

Kosovo produces great footballers, but an ongoing struggle for independence has left its ambitions hamstrung by global politics.