Boston Dynamics


Oh Good, Drones Have Flamethrowers Now

Just when you thought this hellscape couldn't get any worse.


Good News: This Terrifying Android Just Learned How to Run

A priceless skill for hunting humans to extinction.


Watch Robots Being Built and Broken in a New VR TV Series

Go inside Boston Dynamics' robot lab in the first episode of 'The Possible,' a new immersive documentary series presented by Within.


[Best of 2015] The Year in Robotics

This year's highlights included a bot that randomly bought things off the deep web and a robot hotel in Japan.


The Military's Robot Dog Just Got More Doglike

The 160lb 'Spot' quadruped can tackle mountains and tight corners thanks to a new rotating motor.


Here's a Robot Doing the 'Karate Kid' Crane Kick

The Florida Institute for Human Machine Cognition have programmed a Boston Dynamics robot to perform karate acrobatics.


Woohoo, It's the Future of War!

Everything you ever wanted to know about how our children will destroy each other but were too scared to imagine.


DARPA's Latest Four-Legged Robot Makes Drones Look Cuddly

It’s disquietingly quiet on foot, too.


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