All Hail Ryan Fraser, the 'Wee Man' Breathing Life into the Premier League

In an opening month that has failed to raise the blood, Bournemouth's nippy winger is the only thing keeping our hearts beating.
Hydall Codeen
Home Coming

Home Coming: Bournemouth

A tour of one writer's hometown, one postcard-perfect moment at a time.
Ryan Bassil
Manchester City

Whereabouts Violations Reveal Larger Flaws of English Football's Anti-Doping Efforts

Manchester City's £35,000 fine says an awful lot about English football's anti-doping system.
Aaron Gordon
Christmas #Content

Rating Every Premier League Club’s Festive Merchandise In Order Of Christmassiness

With the commemoration of the birth of Our Lord coming up, we have decided to get to the bottom of what Christmas is all about – football clubs selling obscene amounts of merch.
Will Magee
eddie howe mystical boy child

The Father, The Son and The Holy Howe: Reviewing Arsenal vs. Bournemouth

In the second instalment of this week’s Premier League Review, we scrutinise the mooted succession at Arsenal, and the relationship between Arsene Wenger and Eddie Howe.
Will Magee
jack wilshere shoplifting from tk maxx

Jack Wilshere’s Big Day Off: Previewing Arsenal vs. Bournemouth

In our final Premier League Preview of the week, we wonder what Jack Wilshere will get up to while his loan outfit and home club duke it out at the Emirates.
Will Magee

How The Premier League is Rethinking Age in Youth Development

Traditionally, young talents in football are made to train and play by age group. But is that system fundamentally flawed?
Brian Blickenstaff
mike phelan's workplace meltdown

Mike Phelan, End Of The Internship: Reviewing Bournemouth vs. Hull

In the third portion of our weekly Premier League Review, we marvel at just how badly Mike Phelan’s first game as permanent Hull manager went.
Will Magee
hark! the quadruple cometh!

The Terrible Curse of ‘The Quadruple’: Pep Guardiola Is Right To Be Afraid

When Pep Guardiola was asked whether Manchester City could win ‘the Quadruple’ this season, he recoiled. In this week’s final Premier League Review, we find out why.
Will Magee
wilshere reborn(mouth)

The Loan Ranger: Previewing Jack Wilshere’s Bournemouth Debut

When Bournemouth face West Brom this weekend, it will be Jack Wilshere’s first opportunity to prove the haters wrong. Nobody likes the haters, least of all Wilshere.
Will Magee
the ruin and redemption of the loan system

Make or Break: The Last-chance Saloon of the Senior Loan

For players like Joe Hart and Jack Wilshere, the senior loan provides a final chance at redemption. That said, it could also be the beginning of the end.
Will Magee
the dreaded drop

Dicing With the Drop: Assessing This Season's Premier League Relegation Battle

There are arguably nine sides that look as though they are at significant risk of relegation this term. With the new season almost upon us, Jonathan Wilson assesses their chances.
Jonathan Wilson