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No Man Can Compare to This Boyfriend Made of Boxed Wine

Men are trash, so why not just date literal garbage?
Drew Schwartz
Valentine's Day

People Told Us About the Meals That Made Them Fall in Love

“I went back to my boyfriend’s house and he fed me crumpets with butter and a bottle of Prosecco, and then fingered me and I fell asleep.”
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

blackbear Is Extremely Famous, Even If You Don't Know Who He Is

The prolific songwriter – who co-wrote Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" – looks to turn his internet fame into a reality. With his upcoming album 'Cybersex' and singles featuring Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz, can he do it?
Rebecca Haithcoat

The Couples' Guide to Clubbing

How to enjoy nights out when you're in a relationship.
Angus Harrison
Valentine's Day

I Went on a London Eye Champagne Date with My Ex-Boyfriend Who Hates Both Heights and Wine

However bad your Valentine's Day, remember this: I spent £37 to drunkenly grind through the sky with my acrophobic, wine-hating ex.
Nell Frizzell

What It’s Like to Eat a Three-Course Valentine’s Day Meal Alone

It is 12 noon on a grey Tuesday in the middle of February as I sit here, in a red nylon frock, preparing to eat a three-course Valentine’s Day meal alone. Entirely alone.
Nell Frizzell

Man Tells His Girlfriend Her Pasta Is 'OK,' Hours-Long Police Standoff Ensues

If your significant other takes the time to cook a meal for you, try to appreciate it, even if it tastes like sawdust and disappointment.
Jelisa Castrodale

How to Handle 'Cuffing Season', the Time of Year When Everybody's Looking for a Winter Fuck

Tis the season to get a sexual partner before your genitals freeze.
Hannah Ewens and Emma Garland

Read Poems by Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean From the ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Zine

There aren't many people who can make poems cool, but there are definitely a few.
Daisy Jones

​When Your Teenage Romance Turns into Domestic Violence

A 19-year-old feminist is not who you'd except to stay in an abusive relationship. But the reality is, it can happen to anyone, at any age.
Madison Griffiths
thump news

Tegan and Sara Share Four Club-Ready Remixes of "Boyfriend"

Shura, Robokid, Gilligan Moss, and Alex Ghenea take turns reinventing the Canadian pop duo's latest single.
Alexander Iadarola

How it Feels When the Person You Love Has Depression

I'd never dated anyone who hadn't been on antidepressants, or spent time in a psychiatrist's office. That dark, brooding, introspective type: it draws me in.
Louise Mapleston