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Good Barbecue Is a Lot Like A One-Night Stand

When you open up that lid and smell those scents and see that meat… It’s sexual. It’s you, it’s the fire, it’s the cooker, and it’s the meat.
Matty Matheson
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Make Guy Fieri's Epic BBQ Brisket Sandwich

No need to hop on the next train to Flavortown; it's coming straight to your kitchen in the form of this quick, smoky, tender meat with bright, tangy slaw.
Munchies Staff

How-To: Make Quick BBQ Brisket with Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri swings by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to teach us how to make pressure-cooker BBQ with Action Bronson.
Guy Fieri

BBQ Brisket

This tender pork brisket recipe tastes like it's made in a slow cooker, but a quick 30 minutes in the pressure cooker makes it a truly "out-of-bounds" experience.
Guy Fieri

This Salvodoran-American Is Perfecting Texas-Style Barbecue in LA

“If Franklin Barbecue uses this high-quality meat, why can’t I serve that exact same stuff here in the ‘hood?”
Javier Cabral

Meet the London Chef Staying Up All Night to Make Perfect Texan Brisket

Inspired by his time cooking alongside Austin pitmasters, Josh Ebsworth stays awake for hours to tend to the brisket in his ten-foot, custom-build meat smoker.
Morgan Harries
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This Kimchi Sandwich Is Probably the World's Best Office Lunch

This week, get started on this classic Reuben sandwich made with brined, simmered beef and topped with Swiss cheese and kimchi.
Munchies Staff