Britain at Night


East London’s Most-Loved Gay Bar Has Been Saved From Developers

For the first time in British history, the sexuality of people using a space had been included in a condition for planning approval.


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The video—featuring Andy C, Kate Simko and more—is a well executed reminder of exactly why this is so important.


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It might still be a city dominated by its student population, but there's a real sense of diversity when it comes to nightlife.


Now Fabric Is Closed, It's Up to You What Happens to British Nightlife

It's fine to complain about club closures online, but when was the last time you actually went out? If you want clubs to remain a fixture of city life, you need to start supporting them.


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Ten beloved institutions that have been eradicated in the past three years.


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"These were my people and this was my place."


People Have Begun to Leave Flowers and Tributes Outside the Doors of Fabric

"Thank you for the best times of my life. Thank you for all the friends I have because of you."


Newly Obtained 'Operation Lenor' Documents Suggest Fabric's Closure Was Orchestrated by Islington Council

Report suggests that the closure of fabric was a calculated to move in order to free up real estate and attract foreign investment.


Closing Fabric Would be the Biggest Fuck You to UK Nightlife Since the 1994 Public Order Act

Whether or not you care about fabric itself, the symbolic cost of closing its doors for good would be catastrophic.


Muscles, Man-Bags and MDMA: Introducing Britain's House Lads

Chuffing on balloons, packed into Aztec print tees when they're not completely topless, living one long endlessly euphoric Snapchat story.


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Do they think this is a bold new illegal rave movement our just the next generation copying them?